Get Comfy Wearing Heels

I know, I know, it feels like high heels are a thing of the past in today’s work-from-home environment. But I PROMISE if you get past the first week or two of wearing heels on a regular basis, it’s worth it. First – why you should wear heels to work.

  1. You carry yourself different when you slip into heels. Your shoulders naturally shift back and your confidence immediately gets a boost.
  2. Don’t shoot the messenger, but statistics show women who wear heels get promoted sooner and have more successful careers. This was actually taught to the women in my training class when I started working at a bulge-bracket bank on Wall Street.
  3. Personally, I feel frumpy when I’m in flats and walk much more casual. You’re trying to dress like a Princess Boss, not like you’re exploring a new city.
  4. On that note, wearing heels every day shows you are career-driven and that you respect your workplace enough to dress up for it.

Now, I’m not telling you you MUST wear heels to work, this is just my opinion and suggestion. I’m also absolutely not suggesting that you can’t have a successful career if you wear flats, I’m just here to let you know that you can get a step ahead (pun intended) by dressing for the job you want.

I’m not suggesting you strut into your office Monday morning in 5-inch heels. Two to three inches is the ideal height. A little lift without feeling like you’re going to break your instep. Also, feel free to bring a dust bag with your commuter shoes – I do every day! Now, for those of you open to wearing heels, here are my top tips for getting comfy wearing heels!

Keep the heel to 2-3 inches and get started with a pair of block heels or wedges.

Start with a pair of wedges to get used to having your heel elevated (like these classy Cole Haan’s) and then graduate to a block heel or small kitten heel for a more polished look.

Pay attention to the angle of the heel.

Is it straight up and down right against the back of the ankle? Or does it sit a littttttle closer to your foot? The closer the heel is to the center of your foot, the more it will support your actual heel and the more comfortable it will be (be careful with some block heels, as they can sometimes be more painful for this reason).

Here’s a secret tip I stole from my favorite Hoda Kotb a few years ago. If your feet tend to sweat place a pad or panty liner in the bottom of your heel.

You can thank me later.

Other things to consider are the point of the toe (you don’t want your toes to be smooshed all day, trust me), platform (which generally is a PLEASE NO for office-wear) and general rotation of heels. Alternate the height, cushion, and style of your heels every day and your feet will thank you.

Remember, you will need time to adjust so don’t give up after a day of sore feet!

Disclaimer: If you have problems with your ankles, feet or heels I’m not telling you you must wear heels. This is just a suggestion for and tips so you can love your heels as much as I do!

Time to slip into those heels and get to work, girl!

Here are some of my favorite brands across various price ranges (make sure you check Nordstrom Rack, RueLaLa and Saks off Fifth for designer steals for before buying your heels!)

Cole Haan | Louise et Cie | M. Gemi | Stuart Weitzman | Naturalizer | Sam Edelman




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