Best Magic Kingdom Photo Locations When You’re Shooting with a Self-Timer

Nervous you won’t be able to capture the magic on a solo trip to Magic Kingdom? Don’t be! A day in the parks by yourself can be so relaxing and with the help of self-timers on the wonderful smart phones of today, you can get just as many photos! Here are my favorite spots in Magic Kingdom for days when I’m shooting content in the parks solo. Just remember to use self timers, be aware of crowds, and watch the lighting!

Trash Cans on Main Street

It can be a little awkward waiting for people to go by, so wait for the late afternoon when entry crowds have gone down. This was taken with my backpack sitting on top of a trash can and my phone titled up against my bag with a 3-second timer!

This is one of my favorite spots 1) because of the confectionary background, duh! and 2) because the height of the trash cans is perfect for self-timed photos without the hassle of a tripod. Angles can be fun but you don’t want all of your photos to looks like your phone is sitting on the ground so this is a top photo spot for me for sure!

Behind the Castle

There are a few spots directly behind the castle that can be good for self-timer photos strictly because the crowds typically aren’t as bad. If you’re facing the front of the castle walking towards it take the left walkway and you’ll find this spot where I sat my backpack among the greenery to snap this photo with the back of the castle to my back. I also grabbed a few shots with the railing you see here as a prop for my phone!

People Mover

Rides like the People Mover are perfect for self-timer photos! This was taken in the seat across from me with my backpack propped against the seat. It’s actually one of my favorite photos because I was so HAPPY in this moment to be riding the People Mover and back in my happy place. Capturing moments like this is what it’s all about.

Just be sure you take it quick so you can still enjoy the ride! 🙂

Wishing Well

Cinderella’s Wishing Well, in a rather peaceful alcove between Tomorrowland and the right side of the castle, is the perfect place for photos! This photo isn’t perfect but it was taken with my phone propped up on the bannister right by the wishing well. This spot in general is one of my favorites because you get beautiful castle views (peep the 50th anniversary banners!) and it’s generally much more calm compared to other sections of the park.

Hub Grass!

Of course a Magic Kingdom photo shoot post wouldn’t be complete without mention of the hub grass! The fake greenery off to both the right and left sides of Magic Kingdom between Main Street and the castle make the perfect location for casual shots! The great thing about the hub grass is if you’re there shooting alone, chances are you’ll run into someone else doing the same thing and you can help each other out!

We’re all in this together 🙂

Hope this helps! There are a lot of hidden spots for great photo ops around the Kingdom, let me know which are your favorites!




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