Deck the Halls

Let’s get ready for Christmas with our new King of Christmas tree!

Recently a new friend asked me “where do you put your Christmas trees?”, and I knew right then and there that SHE GETS ME. She didn’t ask where I set up my tree, but treeS plural, already assuming based on my mid-September excitement for the Christmas season that I had multiple trees I decorate for the season. And she’s absolutely right. This year I got my third artificial tree (by FAR my new favorite!) and I am so in love and ready to decorate for the season!


  1. TRADITION! There’s nothing better than soaking in the holiday season with a family tradition. Make it special by setting aside time together as a family to assemble the tree and decorate it your own special way . I love putting on a Christmas movie, making hot chocolate, and taking my time fluffing the branches to make sure it’s absolute Christmas perfection!
  2. MORE MAGICAL HOLIDAY MOMENTS! Call me crazy but every single night I can get watching a movie keeping warm under a blanket next to my Christmas tree is a magical one. In this household, it’s never too early to decorate and I usually put my tree up around Halloween and leave it up until the Epiphany (which is usually a week or so into January). No WAY can you do this with a real tree without burning the house down.
  3. MAINTENANCE. Let’s be honest, keeping up a real Christmas tree just seems like a lot of work. And dangerous. As someone who has never had a real tree I just don’t see the appeal for the risks that come along with it.
  4. SUSTAINABILITY! The year is 2022 and we are finally starting to be aware of the impact we have on the planet. It breaks my heart to see real Christmas trees laying on the side of the road every year the day after Christmas.
  5. COST. There are two types of artificial Christmas trees – 1) cheap trees where you save money in the short-run but end up replacing every few years because the branches are thinning and the pre-lit lights no longer work, and 2) investment trees like King of Christmas where you will pay a bit more (be sure to grab them on sale!) but they will last for years. There is a noticeable difference in quality and if you add up all of the years that you will be using your artificial tree and compare it to the annual cost of a real Christmas tree, it’s a no brainer!

We got the 7 foot Prince Flocked Tree with LED lights. It comes with a remote control and different light settings (which Landon LOVES!) and the quality is absolutely stunning. This Christmas tree is super special to me because it’s my son’s first Christmas and I’ll be able to watch him grow alongside our new ornaments that we put up every year. I love that we are starting with a new quality tree the year he’s born so we can include our new Christmas tree in our holiday traditions and some day maybe we will pass it down to him!

You can shop King of Christmas here!

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!!




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