Tips for Staying Organized

As an investment banker / content creator / small business owner, time management and organization are KEY to success. Here are my top tips for staying organized!


Having a planner system is key.

It’s one thing to buy a planner and write a few to-dos in it and it’s another to buy a new planner, create a system and use it on a daily basis as a life-altering tool to help make you more efficient, organized and stress-free. Having a planner without a system is like having a backyard with a hockey rink and not knowing how to ice skate. The two go hand-in-hand! (p.s. sorry it’s late, that’s the best analogy I have right now…)

My planner system is pretty simple, but it’s fun & colorful and the ONLY way I can stay on track.

  1. Start with a pencil and plan out your to-do lists and goals for at least one week in advance. For me, this means I plan out the week’s workouts in my monthly calendar and then turn to the daily pages and pencil in my daily to-do lists.
  2. Once you complete the item, trace over it in multi-colored pens or markers using a color coordination system

For example: Pink=Cardio and Light Blue=Weights | Green = Business Belle content planning and Orange = Casual Bee work

And voilà! You’re left with a bright and colorful display of everything that you’ve accomplished!!


If it makes sense, find a space where you can put your to-do items in a place where you will see them on a regular basis. It’s as simple as hanging up your to-do list somewhere you will see it at least a few times a day!

It could mean filing systems for papers if you have a lot of paper work.

It could mean a family white board with lists and goals in a spot where everyone can stay organized together.

It could even be a reminder on the background of your personal laptop or phone!

For me, I have to balance a lot of different brand partnerships and it’s really important to pay attention to brand deadlines and posting dates so I got a shelf where I can easily see everything I need to take photos of in one centralized place. It helps serve as a reminder to create the content but also has a great dual purpose of helping me visualize the content and pair different accessories and pieces together!

BONUS TIP: Shelves like this are great if you’re looking to elevate your work wardrobe or style! Hang up your outfits for the week ahead of time so you can see them and plan them out on Sundays and then you can save another 5-10 minutes getting dressed during the week!


What would you do with an extra 200+ minutes a week? How about an extra 10,950 minutes a year?!

I challenge you to wake up an extra 30 minutes earlier a day and use this 30 minutes to make a cup of coffee or tea, get comfy, and practice a form of meditation where you’re thinking about your to-do list and the things you want to accomplish that day. Use this time to check in with your goals, write down your to-do lists in pencil, and get ready to take on the day.


Are you up for the challenge? How do you stay organized?




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