Embracing Colorful Style in the Workplace

It’s 2021. Let’s ditch the all-black wardrobe and add some color to our professional style!

For decades the assumption has been that a woman’s work wardrobe should be black, bland and blah to be considered “professional”. If you worked for a particularly “conservative” firm the women would be expected to wear hosiery every day and layers upon layers no matter the temperature.

Not anymore.

It’s time to trade in the neutrals for bright colors, bold prints, and creative pieces. Getting dressed in the morning should be FUN! It’s the first opportunity we have every single day to express ourselves.

Here’s some color combination inspiration for your next business casual look. Experiment and have fun! Take a look at what you already have in your closet. Reconsider some more casual pieces like boutique blouses or dresses and add a professional flair by pairing them with heels and a blazer or a neutral scarf.

As a Disney girl, I like to combine my love of Disney bounding and professional style by looking to Disney characters for color inspo and then building out a professional look with their aesthetic in mind. Make your style your own!

Hope you found this helpful! Let’s get some color in the workplace!




Published by businessbellebre

Investment Banker & Disney girl, sharing Princess Boss lifestyle tips, motivation & magical inspo

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