How to Turn Your Favorite Boutique Finds into Professional Looks

Featuring my favorite current picks from Nostalchicks!

I’ve been working from home now for over a year and LOVING the ability to mix in some of my favorite comfy cute boutique styles with my professional wardrobe to create unique professional looks. Since all of my current work meetings are via Zoom I’m able to wear a flowy skort that I definitely wouldn’t wear in an office, but can style to look very professional from the waist up. That way, when I run out to lunch or for a coffee break I’ve got an elevated look that makes me feel comfy yet confident and professional! Plus, it’s a great way to jump from professional Zoom meetings to in-person happy hours!

Here’s a week of outfit inspiration pairing my favorite Nostalchicks picks with items from my professional wardrobe to create elevated looks!


Grab your favorite pair of shorts and pair them with a collared blouse and blazer for a very professional look! These “Just a Vibe” shorts from Nostalchicks are perfect because the belt and pleats add another layer of detail and classic style, plus the length isn’t too short!

Pro tip: Make sure you’re conscious of colors here. These shorts are bright orange (I’m in love with them for Fall and Summer outfits!) so they can be a little harsh with just a white top, but adding a navy blazer transforms this outfit into a preppy and classic color palette.


I LOVE a turtleneck. They’re a daily rotation for me in the Winter months and honestly, I’ve been wearing this light one even in the Florida Spring heat because it pairs so well with this comfy skort (yes, I said SKORT!) and looks so professional over Zoom meetings with clients.

If you have a shorter skirt or skort from a boutique like this Check This Out skort try pairing it with a turtleneck to add some modesty and if you’re running to happy hour or dinner, complete the look with some matching heeled sandals and a neutral clutch or handbag.


Puff sleeves are in and I am SO here for it. Please pause for my quick side rant as to why you should be more conscious of trends like this.

Women in the workplace need to speak up more, bring more ideas to the table, and take up more space because we are often overlooked. Wearing statement pieces tells colleagues you mean business, you are HERE and you MATTER. It’s not enough to blend in with your surroundings. Even when you’re on a Zoom meeting take up as much room as you can in the box (I love puff sleeves for this), make eye contact with the camera and nod often. Take up space because you deserve to take up space. Don’t let your boss look through you.

Ok rant over. I paired this Blueberry Kiss Top with a cheap skirt I got from Target last year because upon first glance, the colors don’t look like they belong but when paired together the textures, prints, and colors come together for a very professional look! The tulle and florals are both so feminine so I feel pretty yet powerful in the puff sleeves!


This is honestly a look I would wear to the office, for work from home, or even to a date night or dinner party. It’s such a versatile look and I LOVE the Jasmine-inspired color of this “We’re Good” dress because it’s so unique.

I paired this dress with a chain link belt from Target and a textured blazer for a sophisticated look. The back of this dress has a tie at the neck so wearing it by itself, I like to pull my hair up in a bun or clip to show off the bow.

If you don’t have a chain belt, try creating a more interesting look with a pin on your blazer or bring attention upwards with a fun headband!


The BEST for last!

I always save my favorite and most fun looks for Fridays (in and out of the office). Sometimes it’s jeans, sometimes it’s a dress, recently it’s THIS SKIRT because I am so obsessed. The layers and stars are just so fun and despite the fact that I live in Miami and this is so not the vibe here, I always get compliments wearing it around town!

For another look, pair mis-matched patterns and fun prints with a skirt and blazer combo. I love this for a Friday because it’s professional yet fun, and if I get too warm I can take off the blazer between meetings or if I’m running out for coffee. This blazer from Veronica Beard is my go-to for Fridays and when I’m on the road and we have a client dinner meeting because it’s fun yet sophisticated and comfy! When it’s time to run for our Friday pizza I take off the blazer and throw on some sneakers with my tank and starry skirt for a casual fun Friday night!

Hope you enjoyed this line-up and found some inspo for your next work week!

What are some of your favorite Nostalchicks or boutique finds?




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